Kate and Tyler’s Engagement Session

After a full week of rain in the bay area, the sun finally showed up just in time for Kate and Tyler’s engagement photo session this past Sunday! These lovebirds live in San Francisco but have never been to Crissy Field where we took most of their pictures. Yes, the sun was out but the cold weather was still present and the wind was just plain insane! So we went back to their apartment to continue their session indoors where it was warmer and made Kate’s hair less “Steven Tyler” and more “J-LO”. He he he. By the way, do you remember that wise old saying, “Don’t date your neighbor?” Well, it turns out, Kate and Tyler totally ignored that cuz that’s how they met. Next door neighbors as a matter of fact. Good job Tyler on lending that cup of sugar when Kate needed it! Ahem.

Casey and Andrew’s Spring Portraits

About two weeks ago, my friend approached me about taking pictures of her sister’s kids with a pet rabbit. An adorable  7 month old boy, an energetic 7 year old girl and a little dwarf rabbit just in time for Easter. My friend also mentioned that they have never taken professional pictures before so this would be a really huge challenge for me. So I took them to a local park called Riverwalk on Pierce Street and I said, “Bring it on!” Andrew, the little 7 month old, did not like sitting or laying on grass at all! All hell broke loose as soon as he touched the grass. Lucky for me, I was able to fire about 5 shots before he started crying which made Peanut, the bunny nervous as heck and wanted no part of the shoot. So I took Casey aside and did some solo shoot of her while Andrew and Peanut calmed down ready for more shots. Overall, it was a nice day and the shoot turned out better than I expected. Would I do it all over again? You betcha! But I think next time, I’m gonna bring an assistant to get a second angle from all the precious moments during the shoot. Casey and Andrew, hope y’all enjoy your pictures!

Nikki’s Rock the Dress Session

I spent this past sunday shooting alongside Ning Wong who invited me to take pictures of his friend, Nikki, an amazing professional model and former police officer. She was such a pro at posing that it made my job so much easier. All I had to do was pose her to make sure the natural light on her face was just right. Any bride who can rock guns in a wedding dress is amazing in my book. I’m hoping this can spark some interest for future wedding related photo shoots that props like guns would rock so much more than your typical  bride’s bouquet 🙂


Megan and Roy’s San Diego Engagement Session

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with Roy and Megan for their engagement photo session in Sunny San Diego! And what an awesome photo shoot it was. We spent most of the time at Historic Balboa Park and hit up the cliffs just before sunset. These lovebirds were game for just about anything to get “the shot”. Congrats Megan and Roy, I can’t wait for your wedding in June!

Megan had to duck under a gate with a skirt on which was no easy feat.
Thank you for being a trooper, I sure hope the shot was worth it 🙂

Roy and Megan had to carefully walk down a very very steep hill just to get to this location.
Guys, check out her shoes. Thank you Meg, thank you.