Casey and Andrew’s Spring Portraits

About two weeks ago, my friend approached me about taking pictures of her sister’s kids with a pet rabbit. An adorable  7 month old boy, an energetic 7 year old girl and a little dwarf rabbit just in time for Easter. My friend also mentioned that they have never taken professional pictures before so this would be a really huge challenge for me. So I took them to a local park called Riverwalk on Pierce Street and I said, “Bring it on!” Andrew, the little 7 month old, did not like sitting or laying on grass at all! All hell broke loose as soon as he touched the grass. Lucky for me, I was able to fire about 5 shots before he started crying which made Peanut, the bunny nervous as heck and wanted no part of the shoot. So I took Casey aside and did some solo shoot of her while Andrew and Peanut calmed down ready for more shots. Overall, it was a nice day and the shoot turned out better than I expected. Would I do it all over again? You betcha! But I think next time, I’m gonna bring an assistant to get a second angle from all the precious moments during the shoot. Casey and Andrew, hope y’all enjoy your pictures!

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