Kate and Tyler’s Engagement Session

After a full week of rain in the bay area, the sun finally showed up just in time for Kate and Tyler’s engagement photo session this past Sunday! These lovebirds live in San Francisco but have never been to Crissy Field where we took most of their pictures. Yes, the sun was out but the cold weather was still present and the wind was just plain insane! So we went back to their apartment to continue their session indoors where it was warmer and made Kate’s hair less “Steven Tyler” and more “J-LO”. He he he. By the way, do you remember that wise old saying, “Don’t date your neighbor?” Well, it turns out, Kate and Tyler totally ignored that cuz that’s how they met. Next door neighbors as a matter of fact. Good job Tyler on lending that cup of sugar when Kate needed it! Ahem.

2 thoughts on “Kate and Tyler’s Engagement Session

  1. Feeling the love of these two!…. The photographer captured a very personal aura between Kate & Tyler. Honestly, each photo is my favorite!!!! ❤ Aunt Denise

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