A Disneyland + Ca Adventure Engagement Photo Session!

Last week, I had the opportunity to shoot the lovely Jessica and Tony’s engagement photo session at the happiest place on earth! Their wedding is going to be held at the Disney Hotel so it was only appropriate to shoot their session there. It’s kinda neat to be able to photograph with a big camera like my 5D Mark III, people tend to go out of your way which makes for better pictures in the end. We started the shoot at the most photographed place on Disneyland, Mickey’s flowerbed portrait and ended it at Disney’s Ca Adventure. Boy, did I have a lot of fun shooting these two. I can’t wait for the big day, you guys!

Tony as UP’s Carl Fredrickson and Jessica as Minnie Mouse! So epic!

This is where Disneyland security started following us like a hawk until we got to the exit. I guess we were blocking traffic 🙂 He he he.

Look who decided to join the photo shoot! Yay!

3 thoughts on “A Disneyland + Ca Adventure Engagement Photo Session!

  1. You guys look so happy and cute together. Can’t wait for the big day and for the family to get even bigger. Love you both

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