An Artwork Dedicated to the Sandy Hook Elementary Victims

sandyhook-mural-artofalansilvaAmidst Our Darkest Hours, the Sun Will Rise Again, by alan silva

Ever since I was ten years old, I knew I wanted to be an artist but for some reason, I always thought I was meant to do something bigger with my life – like I was given this artistic talent that would benefit humanity. Crazy thought, right? Why change my career now that I’m happy being a wedding photographer and cinematographer for the past 12 years. But it dawned on my that my crazy idea of changing the world for the better through my art is possible. It all started with a dream I had a few weeks ago…

It was December 16, 2012, I was in a hotel room in the city of San Francisco and went to bed early since I had an early wake up call to shoot a love story film. But before I went to sleep, I watched the news and it was about the recent tragedy in Newton, Connecticut. So I hit the hay with grief and sadness in my mind. I had several dreams that night. But the last dream I had which was the most vivid is something that I could never forget. I was in a wide open field and witnessed  several children running towards a bright light being led by a translucent being. For several days, I could not get that image off my head and something deep inside me said I had to paint it.
So I cleared up my schedule and went right to work. And as I was sketching the vision I had, it occurred to me that I could make a difference by making this artwork. That I can make people aware how precious life is with our loved ones and that life continues on. So how can I change the world you say? By making my  artworks available for sale and donating the proceeds towards the organizations that best fit the theme of the painting. From Susan G Komen Foundation, P.E.T.A. , Boys and Girls Club, Red Cross, etc., I can see various organizations that we can help make this world a better place through the future artworks that I will have available for sale on this site.

I’m starting with this artwork… limited edition prints are now available for purchase. With this particular artwork, proceeds will go towards youth organizations that provide a healthy and positive lifestyle as well as help young people become better members of the community. To purchase a limited edition print starting at only $15, please click here. Let’s start changing the world, one artwork at a time 🙂

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