Amazing, 2013!

As the year draws to a close, I’ve been blessed to have encountered so many cool people this past year. From a Youtube celebrity to a Chinese celebrity. I’ve also photographed in Hawaii, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, and many cities in good ole CA.

While Oprah has her Favorite Things segment, I came up with Alan’s Favorite Images! 2013, Thanks for being awesomeazing 🙂 Here’s the video compilation of my favorite images from the past year. Enjoy folks!

In Memory of the 26 Students and Educators at Sandy Hook Elementary


It was almost a year ago since the tragedy in Newtown, CT. I hold this artwork very close to my heart since my son, Michael is around their age. I can’t imagine what my world will be like without him. This is dedicated to the children and educators of Sandy Hook Elementary that are in a better place.

Hold your loved ones a little closer, let them know you care,
That they are loved. Life is way too short.