5LP Photo Shoot

They’re called the 5 Little Princesses. 5LP for short. I had a recent photo shoot with them in Hollywood CA and they’re such a talented and bubbly bunch! They made my job so easy since they already knew how to pose for the camera. Check out they’re website and watch out for these ladies as their songs will be hitting the radio waves soon!••5LP--NOV-shoot-361 •5LP--NOV-shoot-217 •5LP--NOV-shoot-231 •5LP--NOV-shoot-255 •5LP--NOV-shoot-265 •5LP--NOV-shoot-281 •5LP--NOV-shoot-286 •5LP--NOV-shoot-292 •5LP--NOV-shoot-304 •5LP--NOV-shoot-316-new •5LP--NOV-shoot-460 •5LP--NOV-shoot-483 •5LP--NOV-shoot-521 z5LP--NOV-shoot-226 zgroup

Boudoir Promo Video

Every now and then, I get asked to create a promotional video for other photographers. I don’t mind doing this at all even though I’m a photographer as well. I met Victoria, the owner of Victoria Lara Photography a few years ago at a wedding we shot together. She recently asked me to film her recent boudoir shoot and edit a promo video out of it. She’s always fun to work with and it’s so exciting that I’ll be shooting alongside her at two weddings next year!

Boudoir Promo Video from artofalansilva on Vimeo.

Speed Painting

I was asked to paint CBS news reporter Nick Janes and his dad who co-anchored the day with him. It was such a cool experience and I'm glad they liked how it turned out even though I only had 2.5 hours to work on it.


Speed Painting from artofalansilva on Vimeo.